This is a flying spell. You have to believe it 100% for it to work.

Spell Casting

First go outside.Calm yourself down. Inhale and exhale until you feel relaxed. Close your eyes and visualise you are flying.Do this until you feel you are flying.

Open your eyes and say the following "Forces of nature I call upon thee, lift me up and let me fly through the sky, let me be free,keep me safe while I'm flying, so mote it be!" Say this 3 or 5 times.

You will be flying through the air in no time. Don't be scared.If you are scared you will fall to the ground and get injured. If you want to stop flying, say "Stop flying!" and you will begin to descend. The first time you do this you will have a rough landing. After a few attempts you will have a smooth and nice landing.
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