Cupid's Cleansing


2 White Candles
Favorite Shower Gel
Ritual Oil


A ritual to invoke Cupid and to get your dream guy to suddenly fall in love with you MADLY! I did it and I got asked to a dance! Your guy may not show love signs but he does love you.

Spell Casting

Light the candles and turn off all other lights.
Before getting into the shower, chant,

O Cupid hear my plea,
This man calls out to me,
His name is (name), and oh I beg thee,
To break his love chains and set him free,
Unto me, together as we,
I will be in love forever with he,
Dear Cupid, by the power of three,
Please grant this wish, So Mote It Be.

Use your favorite shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, and be cleansed.
Afterward, anoint with the ritual oil.
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