A good spell for beginners to use to self purify and cleanse.

Spell Casting

Find a comfortable place to sit and relax with your eyes closed. Takes some deep breathe to help you relax. Place your hands close to each other, palms facing one another, with enough space to hold a melon between them. With your eyes closed, in this relaxed position, become aware of the presence your own body possesses, and visualize that your body is filled with and surrounded by light and energy.

Then imagine that between your hands is a ball of the purest white light you can imagine. Then you must focus on first separating the energy around and within from yourself, and pass it through the ball of light before returning it to your body. The pure white ball will have the effect of purifying your physical energy and spiritual presence.

This has many practical applications. If done regularly, the body's health will noticeably improve. This will also erase any unnatural energies on the user, which can effectively remove curses, but will also remove positive charms. However the latter may prove useful, for if purification is done before a charm is cast upon one's self, it may remove unwanted energies that could prevent the charm from working.
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