Make Someone Dream of You Spell


White cotton Fabric
Bedding or cotton to use as Stuffing
Parchment Paper
Needle and Thread


This is to make someone dream of you.

Spell Casting

You will need to make a small dream pillow in order to have this spell carried out. For this you need to first cut two bits of cotton fabric and sew up three sides of the rectangle or square. If you choose your pillow to be circular, then you sew the whole thing around, leaving a little at the bottom in order to fill up the pillow. Then turn the cloth upside down and stuff the pillow with bedding or cotton. At the end of the filling remember to put in the rosemary and lavender as well. Using the needle and thread sew up the remaining of the pillow.

Then write the name of the person whom you want to perform the spell on and also state exactly what you want them to dream of you. Then prepare an altar and cast a circle around the altar. Once this is done, place yourself at the center and hold the dream pillow in your hands, place the parchment on the pillow and say the following spell:

Blessed Mother, Holy Goddess
Send (name of the person) a dream
And awaken his/her mind
Carry my voice far and galore
To the place where even sleep lays ashore
Send him/her this message loud and clear
This is not just a prayer mere.

And Then That Should Work! More Spells Coming Soon And Message Me If It Works For You!!
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