A Light Spell


as many white candles as feels right (you may want to use 7; its a power number)
equivalent number of holders
anointing oil of frankincense


This is spell that pertains more to energy renewing more than healing, but it is a great help to our spiritual self either way.
Remember: Not all spells work for every one. You may want to change somethings to fit your specific needs and things that attune to you (herbs to a zodiac, etc).

Spell Casting

anoint the candles from middle to bottom then from middle to top, this is so you can achieve a balance of physical and spiritual energy
place the candles in their holders on the floor in a circle about six feet in diameter
standing in the circle, light the candles in the clock wise direction stand in the center and 'draw' the energy of the light towards you
feel the energy as it seeps throughout the whole of your body, from your feet to your head
allow the energy to spill over from the crown of your head to fill the space around you
now, imagine this cocoon of light around you gently radiating outwards to the edge of your circle of candles
when you feel ready, sit on the floor and allow the energy of the light to settle back within you
ground yourself by sweeping your body with your hands but do not lose the sense of increased energy
snuff out the candles in a clockwise direction, and use them only to repeat this technique until they are used up
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