Voluptuous breasts


candle figurine (woman)
candle (large and orange)


Makes your breasts more round and full.

Spell Casting

You will need a wax figure in a voluptuous woman. If you cannot find one you can easily make one out of wax and mould a pair of breasts in your hands. In fact, by making the wax figurine this way yourself you increase the power of the spell.

Put the pentagon on a necklace and wear the necklace, making sure the pentagon is placed evenly between your breasts. Light the candle and hold the wax figure in your hands. While massaging the wax breasts in your hands say the following chant:

Between my fingers, breasts of wax,
Give me volume where I lack,
Of my own maternal flesh,
Large breasts for this I wish.

You may continue chanting the same chant for as long as you like.

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