1 red candle
1 pink candle
2 square pieces of paper
1 rectangle piece of paper
Some lemon juice


To make two people fall in love. It Works.

Spell Casting

Write the first name on one square, put it on the the same with the second name, but put it on the right. Put the pink candle on the left in frount of the first name and do the same with the red candle but in front of the scond name on the right.

Light the first candle then say "Now I will welcome the spirit of (the first persons name)" then do the same with the right. Next say "now (both names) will be together with blood and flesh you see" then do it three times with the same papers.

Now write the names on the rectangle paper and put one drop on it and say "one drop for (first person) and 2 drops for (the second person)1 plus two equals three so I will do this times three!" Then do it three times and wait.
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