Financial Spell


1 penny (as new as possible)
1 glass of water
A green leaf from a flower or tree ( optional )
Outside or inside


This spell is used for help with money problems such as trouble with bills or taxes.

Spell Casting

If outside stand in the light of the stars/moon.
If inside sit down at a table.
Place the penny down on a flat surface. Heads up, tails down.
Chant this twice:
Money, in life, is my trouble
So I need help, on the double
In three weeks I wish, hopefully
That these troubles are gone
So Mote It Be.
After saying the chant take the water ( and the leaf is you have one) and place it alongside the penny. Then drop the penny in the glass of water ( and the leaf afterward if you have one ) then say the chant above three more times.
By three weeks the trouble you have with money should be either easier to deal with or gone, depending on how bad you are with the money problems.
Blessed Be
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