4 red candles symbolizing hate
4 black candles symbolizing death (don't)
A picture/s of target or targets
A sacrifice of body ( arm, leg, hand, foot, toe, finger depends how much you want it)
1 tall candle
A deadly thirst for revenge


This spell could lead to more than one death so I recommend you are crazy if you want to do this.

Spell Casting

Draw a circle with blood. Sit in the circle and place the red candles on you're four sides then place the black candles on the corners place the tall candle in the middle. Place the picture in front of the candle

Cut off your own body segment and say "Take my hate into fire to burn a soul take my hate let them suffer take my hate. Now let them die" then cut off (add body segment here) and let it fall on the picture.

Burn the body segment and the picture with the tall candle then blow out each candle one by one thinking of what they done to you.
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