Bind an Enemy


Dead Fly
Piece of paper
Black cloth


This spell is a Voodoo spell to bind a enemy.

Spell Casting

Charm to Bind an Enemy
Gather cobwebs from your house and put them all in a mess on a black cloth. Find a dead fly and set it on the mess of webs. Then write the following words on a piece of paper:



"North, South, East, West
Spider’s web shall bind him best East, West, North, South.
Hold his limbs and stop his mouth. Seal his eyes and choke his breath Wrap him round with ropes of death."



Fold the paper 4 times and wrap it, along with the mess of webs, and the fly in the black cloth forming a small packet. Wrap it tightly with a long cord leaving a length of cord so it can be hung in a dark corner of the home. Let it hang there until it is thickly covered in dust, and then bury it near the person’s home.
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