See Your Future Life


Crystal Ball (Can be of glass !)
Tobacco (If you are 18+ use Salvia Divinorum Extract)
2 White Candles
Clear Mineral Water
Fire (Lighter etc.)


This spell allows you to see into your future.

Spell Casting

So lets get started with this tested spell ! Firstly you take a "Crystal Ball" in front of you.Now you take your bowl and put Tobacco in it (Best 5-6 grams) and put that in front of you , but on the right side of crystal ball !.Now slowly put Mineral Water over the tobacco in the bowl.

Now turn lights OFF ,(Its the best way , if you are afraid do not do it ! :) . ) Sit in front of bowl and crystal ball , concetrate on them and clear mind totally (Needed opened Third-Eye as I said.)Hold it there for about 2 min. 

Now put 2 white candles (One in front of crystal ball , another from back of crystal ball !.) Light it up.Now close eyes, imagine all you put in front of you in your mind.Concetrate on it and medidate for around , about 10 min. (The longer,The better!.) After that open eyes , and that mixture you maked in bowl , throw slowly over the crystal ball (Dont make a mess !

Now chant these powerfull lines:"Oh goddesess , Fire , Water, Air, Earth , help me , me (your name)______,to see my future , I wont bad past , I want new future, those is my wish , so make it be ! "Blow out candles and leave it on some sunny and happy place !

Now look at crystal ball, you will see ALOT of shapes etc. and everything else.So , concetrate on it ,look how the Mineral Water fall,look all shape from Tobacco etc. So ,when you see alot , or a litle , or a nothing ,it does not matter ,take it ALL from the crystal ball , and put it back in the bowl .

Then fire it with some lighter filled with energy or Aura. Or just some lighter that has really big and good fire. When you light it ,look at the smoke ,and when its all burned , look at the shapes left in bowl.
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