Snow Moon Spell


- Full moon in February (the snow moon)
- a violet candle


This is a really simple spell to awaken a new purpose or calling. This is not my own spell but I love it. It works pretty well.

Spell Casting

Quick history lesson first: In Colonial America, February's Full Moon was known as the Snow Moon, a time when fierce blizzards would sweep across the land. To some it was the Quickening Moon, a time when nature began to reawaken. Even though early snow crocus would bloom, most regions were covered in snow.

At the time of the Snow Moon, is when you ask the Snow moon to assist you in making positive changes in your life. Just as nature is poised to awaken from its winter rest, you can also awaken to a new purpose or calling.

On the night of the Snow Moon, announce your magickal intentions to the Snow Moon. As a token of thanks, light a violet candle and speak to her:

"As the Earth wears a cocoon of white,
In icy splendor Snow Moon, you guard the night.
Let me make changes, let me be reborn,
Now I plant the seed of magic; I an transformed.

Leave your candle lit until it goes out on its own.

P.S. This is not my spell I got it in one of the Witches' datebook a hear or two back and I loved this.
If you have any questions please message me and I'll be glad to answer.
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