Protective Arms


1 white candle of any size
1 glass of clean rain water
1 medium sized White feather
1 piece of milky or clear quarts


This spell can only be performed on another, it calls upon a persons guardian angel to protect them from harm.

Spell Casting

Get the person that you are performing the spell on to sit in a comfortable position. Ask them to think of nothing but pure white light!
Then light your candle and place the quarts in the glass of rain water.
Dip the end of the feather in the water stirring in a clockwise motion imagining that it is a feather from a beautiful angel.
Then, allow three drops of the water to fall onto the persons forehead and say ' In my mind but out of sight, guarding protector take flight. Wrap your wings around your charge, warm and loving strong and large'.
Take the stone out of the water and place it in the hand of the person you are performong the spell on and say ' Bless it be'. Kiss the persons forehead and blow out the candle.
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