Money Honey


5 green candles preferably emerald green but any green is fine
orange peels or any orange herbs
actual money or draw money with markers on a piece of paper
3 bay leaves


To draw money and prosperity. *If doing this spell for another person please use an image of him/her*

Spell Casting

Place the money or image of money underneath the candles. Set up five green candles on your alter in the shape of a star for the pentacle. Next, sprinkle some orange herbs into your candles or if using orange peels burn the peels in a safe dish.
"Money I need, money come to me. I ask of thee I seek prosperity. Abundance be mine and manifest three times. Enrich my life and help me please. It is money I need and it is money I seek. I ask my spirits to bless this spell and bring me money to pay my bills. This is my wish I make now."
Then, take one bay leaf at a time and burn it. (bay leaves are used for manifesting wishes.) After you finish burning all three leaves say:
"I thank you for your grace and bless this spell I have cast. I draw prosperity into my life now, so mote it be."
Blow out the candles but let your set up remain in the positions they are set up placed on your alter for 24 hours.
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