Goddess Harmonia Love


A figure candle of a couple preferably either pink or red
Harmonia incense
2 white candles
2 red candles
2 pink candles
Any kind of rose petals (not fake)
Adam and eve oil


Call upon Harmonia for a love spell.

Spell Casting

Goddess Harmonia is the queen of Thebes. Her twin flame is Cadmus whom was given to Harmonia as a gift from her father Zeus. Zeus had Cadmus's sister Europa go missing. On his mission to find Europa Cadmus was told not to return without her. However, along the way Cadmus founded the city of Thebes where he became king. He slayed Apollo's dragon and sewed the dragons teeth into the ground. On his journey Cadmus met Goddess Harmonia and they fell in love.

Harmonia is the goddess of harmony and love of all. Marriage would not exist without Harmonia. Harmonia came up with marriage because she felt that it was the right thing to do. Cadmus was turned into a serpent for sewing the dragons teeth into the ground. Out of real true unconditional twin flame love, Harmonia begged to be changed into a serpent with Cadmus so they could always be together forever. The gods granted Harmonia's wish. Together Cadmus and Harmonia were turned into serpents but they were also granted eternal harmony and peace. Their love is everlasting, eternal, and unconditional. Harmonia is the daughter of Aphrodite and Ares but also of Zeus and Electra. Cadmus was a prince who became King of Thebes and a hero. Together Cadmus and Harmonia got married.

This is why It is great to call upon the divine of Goddess Harmonia for a love spell. Her roman name is Concordia. For the marriage of Cadmus and Harmonia all the gods were present at the wedding. Together Cadmus and Harmonia had many children in which who also became kings and queens of Thebes to come for centuries. There is a building in Cadmus and Harmonia's honor as Thebes is still around to this day in central Greece now known as Budva.

The Spell
Anoint your candles with Adam and Eve oil. Set the candles up on your alter with rose petals around each candle. Inbetween or in the center of the candles place your Harmonia incense to burn. The rose petals will be used as your offering to Goddess Harmonia. Now, relax and meditate for a moment. Allow peace, contentment, and love energies to surround you. Once you feel relaxed Chant:

"Goddess Harmonia, goddess of harmony and love of all I call to thee. Come to me please. I ask of you to bless my love with (insert name) and me (insert name). Please bring us happiness, harmony, love, and peace. I offer you these rose petals to symbolize the love that I seek. As the daughter of Aphrodite, Ares, Zeus, and Electra this is my plea. Bring (insert name) and I (insert name) together please. With harm to none I ask of you to grant my wish and bring balance into my love life. I thank the goddess of harmony so mote it be."

Feel her energy and presence surround you. After your incense burns completely out you may then blow out the candles. It is done. Love, Goddess Harmonia

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