Siren Love Charm


3 purple candles
3 pink candles
3 red candles
Any love incense
Love and/or attraction herbs such as: rosemary, raspberry leaf, lavender, red rose pedals, pink rose pedals, cinnamon, vanilla
Love amulet
A bowl of water
Love oil


Sirens are known for luring in men making them fall in love. Use this charm to achieve the same.

Spell Casting

Set your candles in the shape of a heart on your alter. In the order of pink, purple, red, pink, purple, red, and pink, purple, red. Burn some love incense. Take your love herbs and add them by sprinkling them in a bowl with some water. Next, before lighting your candles anoint them with love oil (such as fire of love, attraction, or adam and eve).

Then, take a love amulet you want to empower and place it in the center of the heart candles. Place the bowl of water and herbs next to the love incense. (In case you're wondering water is the element for love that's right not fire because fire is for passion which would be lust and passion. We're using water for actual love here by drawing in and calling to the right person to come and be with you. The herbs empower this spell more. All of the herbs in which I listed are also used for love.)

With everything set up close your eyes, take three deep breaths, focus, and concentrate. Visualize the right person for you coming into your life by drawing them near and closer to you. Think about the qualities that you want them to possess both physically and personality.

Next, dip your left index or ring finger in the water and dab the water over where your heart chakra is while focusing on the person you're calling to. Now CHANT this three times:

"It is my love that I send out into the universe now to call upon this love of mine. I draw you near me and closer now. Come to me and come find me into my life. Let this love fill your heart and soul to bring you closer. It is you that I seek so hear my voice, hear my plea, come to me, come to me, come to me!"

After chanting that three times loud and clear say:"As I will it, so mote it be." Then, with the candles still lite dip the amulet into the water. Dry it off with a cloth or paper towel. Put on the amulet to wear. Wait for your incense to burn out and then blow out the candles. It is done.
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