Good Luck for You


1 Candle(any color)



Insulin Needle

Paper(any kind)

Writing utensil.


And last but not least some Common Sense!


A spell for good luck.

Spell Casting

Attention this is from a UPG(unverified personal gnosis). However, this can work for other people, for it was constructed by legitimate logic.

First, ignite the candle and make sure it is ignited by watching it for a few seconds. Second, have someone draw blood from your arm through an insulin needle(if you do not have the knowledge of where to draw the blood from do not attempt this, use common sense please).
Also if you fail to extract blood after three attempts, the ritual is not meant to be so cease it and try it again another day.
Third, call upon what deity you follow, if you do not follow a deity simply use the flame's spirit as the substitute. After this, state what it is that you desire, be specific.

For example: "Oh spirit of the flame that is here before me, I ask thee to bring me good fortune for as of late my luck has been on the down in the slums and unfortunate events have been occurring left and right. I ask thee to hear thine prayer and relieve me of this unfortunate bestowed upon me and bring me 'O spirit of fire purge this negativity from me, renew me as a phoenix from the ashes."

Take the insulin needle filled with blood and let a few drops fall upon the candle, for an offering to the flame spirit. Do not be too close for blood does pops like hot grease mixed with water. Be cautious.

Now, on the paper put a little pool of your blood from the needle and write in your own blood what negativity you desire to banish. It can be in sigils, a different language, it is whatever your heart is saying. If more blood is needed extract more. Reminder: (if you do not have the knowledge of where to draw the blood from do not attempt this, use common sense please).

Proceed to burn the paper after you write it and visualize the flame purging the negativity from your life and after it completely burns see yourself revitalized and revived like a phoenix from the ashes.

I hope whomever tries this succeeds, and is very careful. I hope this helped.
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