Money Flow


A small glass jar
5 pennies
5 dimes
A paper
Bay leaf
A white candle ( small)


For a flow of money as needed.

Spell Casting

In small glass jar, put 5 penny and 5 dimes. Sprinkle a touch of cinnamon. Now write the amount you need and what you need it for on a small paper, then fold the paper very small. Write your name and the desired date you need the money by on a bay leaf. Set a white candle near or on the jar, and repeat the words:

"My intent is pure and wish no harm to anyone
I request the power of the energies
money blessing come to me
I will it so mote it be ."

Burn the candle for at least an hour then set jar in sunny window spot. Every day add a few coins during sunny hours. After you reach your goal or pass the date, burn the paper, bury the ashes outside with 1 penny and 1 dime and the bay leaf.
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