Bowynn Animal Totem Wish


Your Dumi/totem animal pendant
Brown Candle


Get your totem animal to help you grant your wish.

Spell Casting

Set up your altar as you see fit and invoke your gods or gods appropriate to the powers of psychism. (Never invoke divinities that are foreign to you.) After opening prayers and offerings light the brown candle and call your totem animal to you while holding your dumi in your hand.

"Power of my watcher, power of my self, power of ___(totem animal)___ to you I call. Silent I have been for a long time in want and need. But now times have changed. I have been in want of __(wish)__ for a while now and it has not come to me by means I can create on my own. So please, I ask of thee, powerful __(totem animal)__, help me make it come to be."

Now speak your wish clearly and strongly. Follow this by the prayer to your totem animal. After this offer to your totem animal a special offering suited to them (Birds would be offered seed, carnivores, meat or fish and so on.)

After the offering sit back and meditate not just one what you desire but also your totem animal. If your wish is honorable, truthful and something you truly need your totem animal will help. Blow out the brown candle when done or let it go out on its own. Do not snuff it out. That is disrespectful
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