Love Attraction Ritual


Sea salt or epsom salt
Lavender oil
Love bath crystals (purchased at pagan store or online)*optional*
Apple blossom or rose insense
Red or pink candle
Pink parchment paper
Pink red or white tealight candles
Red pen
White clothing
Rose petals
Rose quartz
Rose tea


This is a 2 part ritual to help you remove negative blocks and attract love into your life.

Spell Casting

Prepare your bath and fill it with warm water put as many tealights as you can in your bathroom. Add the salt lavender oil and bath crystals into the water. Now close the lights and emerge yourself in the water with the intention of clearing your heart mind and soul from all negativity.

Say a small prayer to your chosen diety asking to cleanse you from all negativity while doing this you should be pouring the batg water on your relax and clear your mind of all thoughts and meditate for at least five submerge your whole body if you can into the water three times. Give thanks to your diety and you can shower off with only water. Get out of the tub and let yourself air dry. Fill and save a cup with the bath water

Now wear the white clothing and move to your altar set up your altar with the herbs and rose quartz. Light the insense again clear your mind and using the red pen and parchment paper write down your wish as if you already got it for example *thank you goddess i am so happy and greatful for all the love you have brought into my life* etc...

Write everything you want in detail and give thanks as if its already yours. Now when your done dress the red candle with lavender or any other love drawing oil make youself a hot cup of rose tea and put the parchment paper with your wishes under the candle. Light the candle and meditate on our desired outcome visualuzing love surrounding you. Keep the parchment paper under your pillow for 30 days and during these 30 days everyday thank your diety for the best thing that occured to you that day. After the 30 days your wish will come true and love will be attracted to you like a magnet.
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