Winternyt Prosperity Spell


Silver Candle (white works too)


Prosperity comes in many forms, not just wealth. This spell is meant to be cast on Winternyt (Yule/Solstice) for prosperity for the coming year.

Spell Casting

Bless the candle with Goddess oil and then again with Yule oil. As you do say the following:

"Winternyt o' joyous night,
I fill this candle to burn so bright.
Let joy and harmony fill our life
From this hour to next Winternyt."

Place the candle on a special place in your celebration area or on your altar. Now take time to meditate on the holiday and all the joys and happiness it can bring. Dwell not on the negative. When ready light the candle and say:

"Winter winds blow this night,
show us your power and might.
Starry sky glow and shine,
Make the moon luminous everthine.
Winter Oldman, as you travel on your way,
Pass not my house before winterday.
Knock on my floor and leave your sign,
Letting me know prosperity is mine.
Mother Moon bless my home,
as through the sky you roam.
Lady Winter bring your gifts onto me,
My family, my friends for all to see.
Bring joy and happiness, laughter to me,
New friends, new loves and new family.
And if these gifts are not for me to own
Give them to someone who I know.
Silver and gold, drink and food
Deliver to me all that's good.
This I pray on the Winternyt
With my heart, with all my might."

Let the candle burn completely out on its own. Now go and celebrate the holiday.

Great Winternyt to all!
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