Abundancy Summer Wreath


Yellow/gold ribbon
Gold Candle


Summer time prayer to bring abundance.

Spell Casting

Set up your altar outside and have it face the east where the sun comes up. Invoke the gods of your faith that deal with abundance and summer. Give first prayers and your offering.

Hold your hand other the wheat stalks and empower them with golden abundant light and energy and say the following chant 3 times:

''God/Goddess of summer magic, help me bless these reeds,
God/Goddess of abundant life, help me bless these reeds.''

Light the candle. and speak 9 times over it:

''Abundant light bring your might
Energy radiant with abundant sight''

Gather long wheat shafts to braid with the gold or yellow candle. (you may fave to soak the wheat shafts some if they are too brittle and will break when you weave them.)

Braid the grass as you speak this verse:

''Summer fairies prancing in the meadow,
Spirits in the corn wheat;
Green Man is flourishing everywhere
On this summer sunrise morn.
Grains begin to ripen,
All things bear fruit.
Summer glistens with possibility,
Blossoms take root.
Fairies whisper secrets,
Powerful blessings to see.
Cycles move and all around,
they share their gifts with me.
Air to fire, Fire to water,
Water to earth, Earth to air.
Elements feed spirit,
And the circle glows.
At Summer, day and night,
We witness Nature's awesome might.
Growing full And blessing all,
'Tis Earth's celebration Before the chill of fall.
Now braiding this grass,
I mark this day Protect my hearth,
With the abundance of grain.
The blessings of the Goddess come again;
Place the braid above my door.
Hunger be banished now and then.
Blessings be drawn to this place,
Summer's energy fill this space.
Air, fire, water, earth unite,
And bless us all this day.''

When done braiding the wheat, decorate it as you want and hang it somewhere in your house or on the front door to invite abundance into your home.

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