Relaxation Water Potion


A pillow


It will somewhat make you relaxed for when you know you'll be seeing your crush the next day.

Spell Casting

Lay your head down on your pillow. Close your eyes, but don't fall asleep. If you feel in a medative state move on to step three. Think about your crush, think about him. Open your eyes

Grab your water and say chant 5 times while thinking about golden orbs sinking into it. Keep the water with you untill you see him/her. When you see him/her drink a TINY bit of the water

"Oh god of calmness listen to me
Poseidon I call upon thee
Calm, and water blessed my Aprohidite
My love makes my heart race
Aprohidite should know
Poseidon work with Aprohidite
Bless this water with the power of calmness
When I'm around my love/crush (whatever one you want to call it)
I beg you all
Bless this water with love and calmness
Please do as I ask
This is my will
So mote it be"
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