Dionysus Abundance


Purple Candle
Green Candle
Green or Purple ink pen
Grape incense
Wine or Grape juice
A pot of fresh earth


A spell for non-monetary abundance.

Spell Casting

Set up your altar to Dionysus. If he is not part of your pantheon, choose a god from your pantheon that's close to the attributes to Dionysus. Never invoke a god that's not part of your faith. Invoke the god, offer first prayers and give your offerings.

Next list the gifts that you would like to attract into your life to make it more abundant. Do not list money. Concentrate on more worldly things in life, like friends and family, food and clothes. Do not be greedy. Ask for what you need, not hat you want.

When done making your lists, put the paper down on the altar. With wine/juice in hand make a second special offering to Dionysus, to celebration and honor the gifts you desire and the gifts you currently have. Give your second prayers now to the god.

Now bury your paper in the pot of soil. Follow up by thanking the earth goddess/god for protecting your present abundance and for the offering future nourishment and abundance. Now light the two candles and speak the following:

"Lord of abundance and times of fun,
Lady of the earth, full and abound.
To thee I ask on this days spell-prayer
fill the holes of in my life that are so bare.
Bring the things I lack and desperately need.
Bring that which I listed to seed."

Feel the power in the candles gifts of abundancy and see it radiating out and fill you and your home. Continue to speak the chant as much as you feel needed to and continue to hold the visualization. Let the candles snuff themselves out.

Take the pot outside and place it somewhere where you can forget it, yet still somewhere close to your place. If you can't keep it inside but place it someplace out of view.

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