Flowers of Abundance


Black Eye Susan flowers
Gold Candle


More of a prayer rite than a spell. Great for a altar of abundance.

Spell Casting

Set your altar up as you see fit and in middle place a gold pillar candle. Invoke the gods of your pantheon as you see fit. Never invoke a god that's not of your pantheon or god you know nothing of.

Perform your opening prayers and give forth your offerings. Now take up the candle in your hands and start to charge it with abundant golden light. As you do speak the following 9 times:

"Burn bright, burn with light,
Bring me Abundance with all your might."

Place the candle down back on the altar. Now slowly and lovingly place the black-eyed Susan's about the candle. As you do continue to add abundant energy. Now hold your hands about the set up and speak the following 9 times:

"Radiant and beautiful candle and and flower,
bring forth abundance in this spell cast hour.

Replace the flowers before they fade three times during the week.
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