Roses Are Red Lover


A paper envelope
a red pen marker or pencil
A piece of plain white paper
5 red or pink rose petals


A spell for finding love. This one worked quickly for me .(about 2 weeks) Give it a try! Make sure the moon is either full or waxing.

Spell Casting

Light the candles (if you are using any). Write on the paper what you want in your future love. Don't focus so much on physical attributes. Try personality. It will make your love for them deeper than getting someone really hot then finding out they are actually abusive or something.

Really take your time with number two and rethink your choices. Take the paper and fold it. Place it in the envelope but don't seal the envelope yet. Take the rose petals in your left hand and hold them tightly. Think of love coming your way and meeting someone really special. Concentrate a focus. Let your imagination feelings and thoughts expand for a while.

Place the petals in the envelope and say: "So mote it be by the power of three that a new love shall come to me. With harm to none let them be my lovely one." Seal the envelope and put it away. Never take it out again until you have found the person you have been seeking. Then burn it to seal the spell. Burry the ashes.
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