Candle of Abundance Spell


Meditative pillow
Green Candle


For abundance

Spell Casting

Set up your altar as you wish. Invoke your gods from you pantheon and in particular gods of wealth, happiness and abundance. Next speak your first prayers to the gods. Follow by giving offerings.

When done, sit comfortably on your meditative pillow (or where you feel most comforatble) Allow yourself to feel the presences of the gods invoked. Take the candle in hand and empower it with green, gold and silver energy. Take your time with this. When ready speak the following:

"Into the candle of emerald
this energy I give freely.
To help, hope and manifest.
May the power of abundance
come into my life.
I ask this of the gods
and of the universe.
My prosperity and abundance
be apart of my living life.
May the gifts of receiving
And of giving surround me.
Now till my last breath."

Place the candle on the altar and light the candle. Sit back and watch the candle for a while. As you do feel the power that's radiating from it grow ever stronger and start filling you. Then see it grown even more outward and fill your room and all through the house. Keep this visualization up as long as you can.

When done blow the candle out speaking the words "With loves sweet kiss." Never snuff it out with your fingers.

Continue this spell everyday for the next month.
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