Clear Sky Clear Vision


Star anise pod
1 Purple spell candle
Holy oil or holy water
Pinch of Lemongrass
Pinch of Orange rind


A spell to help open ones 3rd Eye.

Spell Casting

Set up your altar as you see fit and invoke your gods or gods appropriate to the powers of psychism. (Never invoke divinities that are foreign to you.)

After opening prayers and offerings sit on your meditative pillow with the anise seep pod in your hand. Gaze down at the pod. It's little arms stretching out like an open flower. See this as your own 3rd eye. Now close your eyes and say

"Star of wonder, star so bright.
Power my 3rd eye on this starry night."

Picture your 3rd eye as the Star Anise pod. The scent of the pod will help open your 3rd eye. As is the pod, see your own 3rd eye opening up a bit with each breath you take out. Continue this for a few minutes. Do not rush the meditation.

Now light the candle and place it in the middle of a circle of lavender and orange rinds. Close your eyes again and imagine the flame of the candle just like your 3rd eye. See your 3rd eye growing brighter and brighter.

Once you are done, place the star anise with the orange and lavender and blow out the candle as you say "With loves sweet kiss."

On the 3rd day when you perform this spell, finish up by placing the orange, lavender and star anise in a satchet (preferably purple) and use it whenever you feel your 3rd eye may be closing up.
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