Flower Petal Love Charm


A little gauzy pink bag
Petals from at least 5 of these flowers
5 apple seeds


You'll need access to several kinds of flowers for this one, which can be hard if you want to do this spell in the dead of winter. Fresh is best, but dried will do if you must.

Spell Casting

The bag needs to be made of some kind of mesh or gauze so that you can see the flowers inside, and that air can flow through the charm bag. Craft stores often have them in the wedding favor section.

You'll need about a tablespoon of each type of petal. Drop each petal into the bag, one at a time (yes, it's tedious. Do it anyway). With each one repeat the classic line, "He loves me" and "He loves me not" as you go along. Make sure you end up on a "He loves me" though. Drop in the 5 apple seeds at the end, and tie the bag shut. Hang it somewhere in your bathroom. Leave it for no longer than a month.
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