Nation Sack


Red Flannel Bag
Heart Charm (optional)
Magnetic Sand
Dragons Blood
Licorice Root
Calamus Root
Two silver dimes (One from your birth year and one for your lovers birth year)
White Cotton String
Follow Me Boy Oil
Menstrual Blood
Your Lovers Personal Concerns
Red Candle
A Saucer


This is a hoodoo mojo bag, used by only women to bind their mans nature to them. Only to be used if you truly love them, not just want to control them.

Spell Casting

Start on the day you get your monthly period. (If you are past the change or do not have periods for medical reasons, use your vaginal fluids and do this at the full moon.)

Sew the heart charm onto the red flannel bag, to signify it is a love mojo bag. Add the lodestone, magnetic sand, dragons blood, licorice root and calamus root into the red flannel bag.

Write his name 9 times on a piece of paper. Put his name paper under the overturned saucer.

Carve his name on the candle 9 times, going around and around in a spiral. Dress the candle with your menstrual blood and Follow me Boy Oil.

Place the candle on top of the overturned saucer, saying, "[Name of lover], come under my command" and light the candle.

Dress the dimes with your monthly period and with Follow me Boy Oil. As you do so, call them by his and your names, saying "This is [his name]" and "This is [your name]." Set them before the burning candle.

Dress the High John the Conqueror Root and the Queen Elizabeth Root with your menstrual blood and with Follow me Boy Oil. As you do so, call them by his and your names, saying "This is [his name]" and "This is {your name]." Set his root on his dime and your root on yours.

Place the personal items of his in the mojo bag.

Dress the bag with Follow me Boy Oil, stroking it 9 times and saying, "[Name of lover], follow me." Pass the bag through the candle smoke 9 times saying, "[Name of lover], come to me."

Place the dimes and roots in the bag saying, "[Name of lover], stay with me."

When the candle is done burning, take the name paper from under the saucer and fold it toward you, saying "[Name of lover], follow me." Turn it and fold it toward you again saying, "[Name of lover], come to me." Place it in the Nation Sack saying, "[Name of lover], stay with me."

Dispose of any left over candle wax at a crossroads, throwing it to the East (toward sunrise) over your left shoulder and walking away without looking back.

From this time onward, carry the Nation Sack on you when you are with him or keep it in your bedroom where he will not see or touch it.

Add more personal items to it when you can. Here is the best one of all, and this is what ties a mans nature to you:

Get a piece of soft cotton string. Measure off a length as long as his erect penis. Tie the beginning of a knot in the centre of the string - that is, make the knot but leave it loose and untied.

Hide the string under your pillow or in the bathroom.

Make love with him but do not come (you want only HIS nature in this charm). Wipe his semen on the string until it is soaked into it.

Now wait until he falls asleep. When he has drifted off, hold the string by the two ends. Call his name, and just as he answers, pull the knot tight.

Some women will put 9 knots in a string this way to really hoodoo their man's nature, but one knot is sufficient.

Place this in your Nation Sack and he will always be yours.
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