Pain Relieving and Tolerance Technique


A decent mental control
Belief in oneself


This technique was inspired by Prometheus I have to admit, but it works quite well for me.

Spell Casting

When you are experiencing pain, simply recite either aloud or in your mind

"It doesn't hurt; as long as you don't mind that it hurts."

Imagine the pain fading if need be, but try to focus on the sentence and it's meaning while reciting it.

(Hint to get used to this: Don't simply go and stab yourself to see if it works, a good way to get used to this technique is to put your hand under the faucet of a running bath and turn the heat up and once the heat gets to be hot enough for you to pull away normally, leave it in and recite the chant and you should be able to tolerate it much easier and longer... wait by hot I mean where you'd flick your hand and go oww thats hot not boiling water... please have common sence when testing spells)
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