A simple Money Spell


A green or white candle
A copper 2p coin
Strand of your hair
Cup of water - even better if purified


I have not yet cast this spell but with belief and confidence it should work! It would be best to do on a thursday. This should get you some money!

Spell Casting

Imagine lots of money coming towards you.
Light a white or green candle, it is best if you scratch out the word money on the base of the candle.
Burn the hair and coin (melt or heat with candles flame) as you chant

'One coin here,
One coin there,
Richer and richer,
As I burn this strand of hair.
Help me gain lots of money each day,
God and goddess,
As I burn this coin as sacrifice,
Grant my wish as I plea,
So mote it be!'

Use a cup of water to let to the coin and hair soak in for 5 minutes.
Afterwards put the coin and hair, or whats left of it in your purse/wallet for 10 months.

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