Dragon Transformation




This spell will turn you into a dragon.

Spell Casting

Just simply chant this spell three times:
"Let me have scales of a dragon. Let me transform into a dragon any time I want. Let me have control in my dragon form. Let me be a creature I want to be. So Mote It Be."

This spell should work instantly after chanting three times. If not, allow up to three days.
Some people will get side effects, and they are:
Nausea (Mild to moderate)
Growing claws
Backaches (If dragon form has wings)

-Imagine you turning into the dragon you want
-To turn back into a human, imagine yourself in human form and claw the ground 3x in a row
-To turn into a dragon again, picture your dragon form and chant, "I shall turn into the dragon I was before."

This spell can work on anyone, even kids.
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