Letting Go


A Word Processing Document
An environment without distractions
White Noise generator
(I suggest rainymood or rainycafe, google it! They're cool!)


Have a dark secret you need to let out? Want to vent out your feelings? Burning paper by a fire can be dangerous, and burying paper looks suspicious. Here is an alternative method of letting go.

Spell Casting

1. Put yourself in a calm state, putting on a white noise generator, immersing yourself in the environment.

2. Open up WordPad, Notepad or any word processing document you have, and start writing.

3. Write what you feel, exactly what you want to get rid of. Negative emotions, regret, sadness, secrets, anything.

4. Look back on what you've written. Contemplate how you feel.

5. Click the 'x' button. When the message tells you to save, don't save or cancel, look at the buttons. These are telling you to either save your regret, get rid of the regret, or keep adding to your regret.

What do you do?

6. Press don't save, and watch the screen delete everything you've written on that page that was negative, hurtful and upsetting. It's all gone now.

7. Listen to that white noise generator. listen to the rain, think about how you feel again.

8. Because you deleted the document, you'll feel something is missing. That is the regret, sent out into cyberspace and washed away forever. Now that you have this emptiness in your heart, you can finally fill it with happiness, and start anew.
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