Protection Charm


1 x Small dream catcher
A candle of any colour big enough to cover the strings of the dream catcher when melted
Pure apple juice
Lavender bits
Medium sized pot
Stove top
Tray big enough to hold your catcher


A medium difficulty charm to make to protect a house/ where every you or someone lives.

Spell Casting

Put on gloves, then collect the pot and put it on the stove. Now light the stove and place candle in it. When candle is soft enough pull string out of the candle.

When candle is back in liquid form add copped up lavender and pure apple juice and any other fruit juices and or Rosemarie or any other plant matter. For this part you must be very quick. Pour a little of the candle mix into the pan and through the catcher in there then continue pouring. When all the catcher is covered wait 10 seconds and try to repeat this 2x

"Spirits of protection!
Protect (me/person)
From the evil that covers this

Pull out the catcher and hang it out side while it dries and charges it's self in the pure magic that surrounds it. When it is dry be careful that you don't drop it, if you do the wax could crack and fall off loosing all it's energy

Hang it somewhere you think it will fit in.
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