Call The Kifune Dragon God Of Water




Call The God Of Water And Exorcise The Spirits

Spell Casting

Just Chant This And Do As It Say once, Stand Up By The Way:

"God Of Mount Kifune,

God Of Water,

Descend From The Heavens Above,

And Bring Water To This Place,

(point north with the whole right hand so as arm at shoulder level, palms face down same with the others)Water Of The North, Tenpo!

(point east)Water Of The East, Saicho!

(point south)Water Of The South, Tsuki!

(point west by placing hand in front of you)Water Of The West, Kumori!

(create a star shape like in shonen onmyoji if you watch the anime, then clap your hand together once)Together We Will Vanquish These Spirits From Destruction!"
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