Prayer to Protect From the Evils of a Witchboard




A spell to protect you against the evils of a witchboard or Ouija board.

Spell Casting

Prepare your Ouija board for use by creating a circle of salt around the place you are using it in, afterwards light your candles(Optional), now, place your hand on your planchette and say the following prayer while moving your planchette in circles on the board:

Now I call upon all lords to protect me from the evils of the board,

I speak with love and pure intent,

this of which can not be bent,

so I call upon all gods and all goddesses of yin,

to cleanse this place for I know that good will always win,

so shield me from these evil spirits, my will is strong,

my will is pure,

I wish for you to protect me here,

I have spoken these words and speak them others must,

I guard it with a sacred trust.
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