Charm a Protective Necklace


1 candle
2 bowls
1 (or more) feather


Charm a necklace for protection against evil spirits and negative energies.

Spell Casting

Place candle directly infront of you (if you're using a table or something place it on that if not just use the floor). Fill a bowl of water and put it to the left of that. Fill a bowl of salt and place it directly across from the candle.

Put the feathers to the right of the candle. Light the candle at this point (preferably with maches) Tape or pin the pentacle to a wall with the necklace over it.

Starting over the candle move your non-dominant (receptive) hand over each element going clockwise and chant: "Elementa ignis, aqua, terra, et a'ris per hoc monile protegas me ex mali spiritus et infitialis industria".

Continuing to chant and moving your hand hold your other hand over the necklace. Channel the energy from the elements to the necklace focusing on the thought of it protecting you and warding off evil.
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