Money Jar


1 glass jar with metal lid
1 green candle
1 green ink pen
1 piece of parchment paper
A 100 dollar bill or largest currency you can afford
1 black tourmaline stone
1 Tigers eye stone
Ginseng root
High John the Conquer root
Cinnamon powder
All spice powder
Thyme leaves
Patchouli oil
A green votive candle
A sharks tooth or rose thorn(optional)
Frankincense incense
Sage smudge stick
A green string


This is a jar spell to draw money to you.

Spell Casting

This spell Is intended to be cast at midnight. Work with the moon cycle. If its waning, its a spell to banish debts, if its a waxing moon, its a spell to bring wealth. New or full moon cast to draw money.

Clean your stones in salt water. Charge them by holding them and meditating on them, imagine you are energizing them with your life force. In your mind imagine them glowing in your hands and feel the sensation of the energy in your hands and arms.

Then smudge your jar and area with the sage. As you do this, focus on cleansing out all negative energy, spirits. Declare the space is free of anything that will interfere with your fortune. Smudge the inside of the jar by letting the smoke wisp up into it.

To the empty jar, now add the cinnamon powder, the ginseng root, all spice, and thyme.Grind some High john the Conquer into the jar as well. Put the stones in the jar. Now on the parchment write the following.

"Money money come my way
fortune and profit be here to stay.
I command you to full fill my need.
Of this I do not out of greed.
For good tidings it is Ill share
The wealth will expand to those whom I care."

Now draw a 6 pointed star, like the Star of David. In the far left top point, draw an A. at the top right point, draw an S.At the bottom right point, draw an M. At the bottom point, draw an O, at the bottom left point, draw an N. finish by drawing an eye inside the small top triangle.( like you see on the dollar bill Pyramid).

Carve dollar signs into the green candle with the sharks tooth, or rose thorn. Anoint it with the patchouli oil.

At just before midnight, light the frankincense incense on your alter. Meditate on the spell working, envision money coming to you, your needs are taken care of, you have more money then you need. Imagine that you are helping your family and friends and they are appreciative. Imagine an unbroken cycle of wealth and sharing coming full circle as these people are helping others and the money coming back to you, threefold.

Hold the jar overhead, and and invoke your spirits or the Gods, or Goddesses you patronize. Command them to carry out your bidding. Read the parchment aloud. Now roll it with the money and tie it with the green string. Place in the jar and put the lid on. Light the green candle.
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