Your tails and ears will be retractable and will only come out when you're really excited,embarrassed,and whenever you want to. You will also get retractable claws and fangs.

Spell Casting

Write this spell on a piece of paper. Go outside and let the moonlight of the full moon hit you then sit in a criss cross position as if your doing yoga remember chant this spell 3 times everyday for 3 days.

"Gods and goddesses of the cats grant my wish and make me a neko to be carefree and frolic i want (color) Cat ears and a (color) cat tail that will be (length of tail) long, retractable claws of (length) long, retractable fangs of 1 inch by the power of 3 make me what i wish to be a neko by the power of 3 grant my wish so mote it be."
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