Ancient Chakra Balancing Meditation


*Know the colours and order of the seven chakras starting at the root chakra.
*Proper Breathing Method: Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose; hold the breathe three seconds, then exhale slowly releasing the breathe through your mouth.


A chakra is defined as ‘one of the spiritual energy centers of the human body. Each chakra has specific physical, psychological and spiritual characteristics associated to each point. These chakras, or energy centers work like valves, they regulate the flow of energy through our bodies. We open and close these valves when we decide what to think, and what to feel. The chakras absorb energy that comes from our thoughts, feelings and outside environment and feed this to our body.

Spell Casting

Step 1. Sit or lie down comfortable; thumbs of hands touching index fingers to recycle your body's energy. Straighten your back. Take three deep breaths. Remember to relax!

Step 2. Visualize a ball of pure white light entering your body through the top of your head (crown chakra), and gently float the ball downwards through your body to the end of your spine (root chakra).

Visualize your root chakra as a red ball. Now visualize the ball of white light merging with the red ball until the two balls become one brilliant, glowing perfect ball of red light.

Concentrate on the affirmation for the Root Chakra - "I have an abundance of strength and energy. I express my individuality in a Divine Perfect Way."

Recognize the truth of the affirmation; repeat it to yourself three times...and accept it as your truth now! Take three deep breaths. Your root chakra is now cleansed and balance!

Step 3. Repeat step two for the remaining six chakras. Always lift the ball of white light upwards through your body to the next chakra, merging it with the ball of color pertinent to the chakra you are cleansing and balancing.

Remember to relax! Concentrate on the affirmation of each Chakra. Repeat it to yourself three times. Accept it as your truth. After each chakra visualization, take three breaths. Three is the number of Trinity Energy.

Step 4. When you have finished cleansing and balancing your seventh chakra (crown chakra), you are now ready for the all important ancient method of psychic self-protection.

Ancient Psychic Self-Protection

Step 5. Now visualize the ball of white light gently floating upwards, out of your body, through the top of your head, and suspended inches above your crown chakra. See it disbursing and becoming pure white radiant raindrops showering down, around, and covering your entire body like a warm, refreshing shower. See yourself as a glowing being of pure white light. Visualize a pyramid covering your illumined body. Shower the pyramid, with you inside, with the deep purple light of spirituality. Feel totally relaxed, refreshed, and protected. Give thanks to the Universal Source for this blessing.
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