Kagura's Wing Spell




a chant to grow wings.

Spell Casting

Chant this as many times you want, but colors and numbers must say the same
"Feathers soft and strong, wings bold and graceful, to fly me where i please is what i wish to thee.

Divinities of grace and the elements, grant me my wish of soaring place to place, wings of (color) to carry me

freely where i please, my wings are big enough to fly and small enough to hide from prying eyes

my wings are no illusion, for humans and ones like me can see them, let them grow and be awoken by this wish,

my wingspan of (weight divided by 5) feet to allow me to soar like the falcons and jays, i wish for thy wings of

flight to come (as soon as you want them try to go for at least 5 hours or longer), thank you"
Air Element Control: Meditate outside and chant "Wind, Wind, I command thee to swirl and spin"
some more wing spells:
"Gods and Goddesses, give to me, feathery wings I ask of thee, Soaring free through the sky, wings of (color)
and wingspan of (weight divided by 5)ft. that will carry me quickly, grant this wish i ask of thee so mote it be"

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