Banish Debt Candle Spell


Paper and pen 3 White or black candles White Sage bundle or Sage oil Green, silver or gold candle Silver coin (preferably a Mercury Head dime) Fireplace, large coffee tin or other safe place to burn a piece of paper Money Drawing Oil Green mojo bag

from: Kaelin, Angela (2011-04-03). Spells for Money and Wealth (p. 67). Winter Tempest Books. Kindle Edition.


This spell will banish your debt. It is from this book. I ask that you purchase the ebook from Amazon, this is not propaganda. Spells for Money and Wealth   by Angela Kaelin   Angela Kaelin Copyright © 2011, 2012   Winter Tempest Books Kaelin, Angela (2011-04-03). Spells for Money and Wealth . Winter Tempest Books. Kindle Edition.

Spell Casting

Make a list of all of your debts along with the name of the person or company to whom they are owed.

Pass the paper and one of the white or black candles through the smoke of the White Sage bundle. Alternatively, anoint the edges of the paper and the candle with Sage oil using a motion away from you.  

Dim the lights in the room. Then, light the white or black candle and meditate on the flame while you imagine your life without debt. When you feel you have given sufficient energy to these thoughts, take the paper with the debts written on it and burn it while calling upon Hecate, Hades, Pluto, the Norse Goddess of the Underworld Hel or any other Underworld spirit.   As you burn the paper, call upon the spirit by name, as follows: "N., I call upon your powers to destroy these debts, release their energy from my life and purify them in the earth. Let none be harmed as you bring this problem to a resolution. Bring me wisdom, inspiration and peace. By the power of three times three! So mote it be!"  

Allow the candle to burn down completely. Repeat this procedure over the course of three nights. After the third night, bury the ashes and the refuse of the three candles off your property or throw it into running water.   On the following Friday or Sunday, preferably on the night of a waxing moon, anoint the green, silver or gold candle with Money Drawing Oil using a motion toward you.

Light this candle. Afterward, hold the coin above the flame at a safe distance, but where you can see its light from the candle reflecting off of it. Then, place the coin on your altar with the head up.   Address the spirit you are working with, again, saying: "N., ruler over gold and silver, let this coin be a conduit for your wealth and abundance. Fill my life with all I need and more."  

Meditate on your needs being fulfilled and being able to live the life you've always dreamed of in comfort and wealth until the candle burns out.   Bury the remains of the candle in your yard. Place the coin in a mojo bag and carry it with you. Once a month, on a full moon, anoint it with an oil formula for good luck, money or wealth.

Kaelin, Angela (2011-04-03). Spells for Money and Wealth (p. 68). Winter Tempest Books. Kindle Edition.

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