Mermaid Power Potion!


Strand of your hair


This spell will give you the powers of shapeshifting, heating, and moving water.Message me if it works.

Spell Casting

"Mermaids of the ocean deep,
Grant me this while I'm asleep.
Powers are what you must send,
For on them I will depend.
Hydrokinesis is number one,
For mermaids use this just for fun.
Hydrothermokinesis is number two,
So mermaids can heat things too.
Shapeshifting is number three,
Because, for me, it's mandatory."

Gather ingredients. Put 3 dashes of salt into the water. Swirl the water with your finger clockwise. Add the hair and repeat #3. Whisper the spell over the potion 3 times. Drink 5-10 sips of the potion, depending if your new doing magic or not.

Side Effects:

  • Water bends to your will
  • It gets hot in the room you're in
  • When you think about certain objects, you start to turn into them
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