Grow Wings In 24 Hours!


Water Bottle /w/ lid (empty)
Liquid Body Soap
Perfume (Body Spray Will Work)
Glitter the color you want your wings to be


Use this spell and you will grow wings within 24 hours.

Spell Casting

Put 12 tablespoons of liquid body soap in your bottle. Put ONLY 1 teaspoon of your perfume (body spray, etc) in the bottle. Sprinkle 3 teaspoons of glitter in the bottle. Get into a shower or bath and chant:

"Wings oh so beautiful, I want more than anything to have wings. In 24 hours after this spell, I will have (the color of your glitter) wings. Gods and goddessess, hear me now,give me wings."

Chant while applying the potion to your back. Rinse well with water. Wash with this for 2 more days.
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