Past to Future Spell



Powerful wand

Strong Focus

Strong imagination

adventurous spirit


Where you can go to the future also you can use it as many times as you want

Spell Casting

Close your eyes and focus on the future while imagining what the future looks like. Wave your wand in a circle and say

Send me to the future, where now will be the past send me too the future to learn my fate at last send me there for __ minutes then send me directly back when I stop this stop watch stop time present so mote it be

Then open your eyes and start the stopwatch.
Stop it when the number of seconds are equal to the number of years you want to go ahead in the future. It may take a second too work.
Have a nice journey if It works mail me

Note-No matter what terrible things you see you cant change it. Its your fate, you asked for it-WolfHowls and Hannah Ward
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