Rune Enchantment/Blessing


Red Pen
Rune Stones


Bless an item using the power of runes.

Spell Casting

This must be completed on a night when the moon is visible.

First take the item that you wish to be enchanted/blessed and give it a name. Any Name.
Then, use your rune stones, or write out the runes on paper, to make the name of the item.

Then using a single letter per piece of paper, spell out the intent of the item.

Place the item in a window sill or a place where the light from the moon will shine upon it, with the name of the item underneath it. Next place the runes around the item in a circle and say the name of each rune aloud finish with "ALU". Leave the item and the runes in the light of the moon for the night. In the morning, the enchantment/blessing is completed.
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