Good Fortune



•Warm Water (Preferred warm)

•Stones (Any amount and any size)


•Four-leaf Clover (Optional)

•Night Sky


This spell is to give you good fortune over time.

Spell Casting

Go outside at night time, when the sky is dark and the stars are out. Have the bowl, the warm water, the stones,the salt, and the four-leaf clover (If you have one) with you. Take a seat and pour the warm water into the bowl. Place the stones inside the bowl, with some space inbetween each, and make a circle if you have enough. Sprinkle a pinch of salt into the bowl. Now, if you have a four leaf clover, put it in the middle of the stones!

Now, chant (In a whisper, regular voice, or yell) 'My dear moon goddess, bless upon me the fortune of the moon and stars. May the bowl represent the earth! May the water represent the night sky! May each grain of salt represent the stars! May each stone represent a different piece of the moon!' And if you added a four leaf clover then say, 'May the clover represent the luck you will bring!' And finish both with, 'Please give me fortune, my dear moon goddess!'

Then, finish by grabbing a pinch of salt and throwing it in the air.

Now, you will experience some type of good luck, if you concentrated good enough! (Ex. Good gradeon test, raise at work, decrease in electric bill, etc.) Keep practicing if you did not get results!
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