Money Spell


Black or light or dark green makers.
Green paper,Light or dark doesn't matter


This spell might work I haven't really test it my self but if it does please pm me as soon as you can! If you are really are poor it might actually work!

Spell Casting

What you need is your voice and your believe, and a piece of green paper! You will need a black or dark green marker. Dark green maker will probably work best. Doesn't matter what I suggested in the spell ingredients category.

Take the piece of paper, (Green) and fold it half. Like a folder, then write a symbol of a money,(coins or a dollar,).Then write amount of money you wish to have.Then close it again take it very close to you to your chest and close your eyes. Chanting spell but only you are serious. Only if your need it! I am not going to make it sound clearer then that.

Then say this spell:


"May thee money come to me, as I need it greatly, I wish to spend it wisely not for greedy. All I requested is right amount for me. To use and buy only for joy and of the need. May thee money come forth and let me have the rightful cash I need. Some money is all I asked for, not too much not too little is all I ask for. So let it come forth and let it be of what I need."
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