Wish Spells


Belief in Magick


This spell is to make most of your wishes come true. It is the first spell I ever did and created myself. It worked powerfully for me and my life changed in one week.

Spell Casting

Firstly write your wish on four different pieces of paper.
Then burn two of the papers in the saucer with a few drops of the perfume.
While it is burning hold the bottle of perfume slightly above the flame so the perfume is warmed. Then apply some of the perfume on your neck for a week. Also on the first day after applying the perfume, mix the ashes of the burnt paper with some of the perfume. Then scatter this mixture of perfume and ashes into the soil in your garden as well as in the toilet and in the wind. Then burn the ashes more and apply the product onto your forehead. This scattering and burning invokes elemental magic to do your bidding. But please note that if the Universe does not will that your wishes come true or if you do anything incorrectly then the spell may fail. Also while burning the paper, say: with this flame I invoke the power of the elements, may this spell not be cursed or reversed or cause harm to anything, with only good intentions, so mote it be!
On the next day burn some of the perfume and repeat the above incantation trice, while visualising your wish coming true. Also remember to leave the two unburnt pieces of paper in the pants your wore on the day of casting. Finally please note that you can change the incantation to your preference and you may also change a few of the steps to make it easier for you, but for best results perform the spell to your own comfort and preferences while still invoking the elements and try to perform the spell on All Hallows Eve Midnight or any midnight preferably a Thursdays midnight. Don't give up if it doesn't work. But if you can, you must customize the spell to your own because self written spells are the most powerful.
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